Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Files related to mini-project

You can find the files related to my mini and main-projects at-
I sincerely hope that atleast some of you'll find it useful.

You may create an account in the esnips site, it gives you the chance to download tutorials to many programming languages, and e-books of anything and everything that you would've ever wanted.
Join it and find everything that you wanted.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to test the PHP installation.

I had forgot one important component in the PHP programming, the Editor. The editor is very important to help you in efficient programming, it can help you with code-assist, code-complete(tag completion), code alignment, etc..

So now get hold of a good PHP editor(I use Easy-eclipse for PHP), and type in the following code-

<title>PHP Test</title>

This is an HTML line
echo “This is a PHP line”;

This is arguably the most popular PHP code. The above code's output is the complete information about the PHP version you have installed and its modules..
Try it.

How to start with PHP Programming.

To start with the PHP programming one should have the following tools-
  • Web-Server-As PHP is a server side language one would need a web-server to run the PHP code. I'm using the Apache web-server.
  • Database-One would essentially need one database for their website(in most cases). I would suggest MySQL, as it is a fully open-source.


Instead of downloading all the above tools, one-by one one can easily download one of the Integrated packages, called a Stack, that suits ones needs. I'm using the LAMP stack which can be used in Linux, with Apache as the Web-server, MySQL the database and PHP. The Windows equivalent is WAMP.

Many other stacks are also available, mostly in open-source visit the following site to select the Stack that suits your needs-
Guys, now what are u waiting for, get hold of the Stack of your choice and get going.

Why examples are not added for PHP..

I've not yet added any example for PHP programs, as i'm unable to show the PHP tags, in the blog.. It simply won't come visible in the blog, even though I type it. Can Anyone tell me how to make the PHP tags visible..

Please help me, its important..So as to keep the blog ticking... I'll surely find a way around soon.

Friday, April 10, 2009

About PHP.

PHP-Hyper Text Preprocessor, is a very powerful web-scripting language. Most importantly it is a server-side language, i.e, all the PHP scripts will be send to the server, executed there and sent as plain HTML to the client machine.

It is an Open-source software, hence it can be used in any way we like, with no need to pay Royalty or any such fee....

PHP supports more than 25 databases available, so you can choose, as per your wish.

I'm sure u'll enjoy coding in PHP, as it is very dynamic.

My Mini-Project

As part of our 6th semester we have to do a mini-project. I wanted to do something i the open-source.. Then our guide Sreeraj sir gave us the idea of the project..

Now the project we're doing is 'NRI Electoral assistant', which is aimed at enabling the NRI's to take part in the electoral process.
As its a web-based project, we chose PHP as the scripting language, MYSQL as the database, and Apache as our server and Linux as the platform. So tat makes LAMP stack as our choice.
And we're using Easy-Eclipse PHP IDE to code the PHP scripts for the web page. We're aiming at studying PHP by ourselves, wuth the help of our guide. Hopefully the project will give positive results..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ubuntu Releases (Source:Wikipedia)

Code name
Testing name
Release date

Warty Warthog

Hoary Hedgehog

Breezy Badger

6.06 LTS
Dapper Drake

Edgy Eft

Feisty Fawn

Gutsy Gibbon

8.04 LTS
Hardy Heron

Intrepid Ibex

Jaunty Jackalope

Karmic Koala
Lucid Lynx

About Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a flavour of Linux, i.e. its a Linux distribution. It is being released under the GPL(GNU General Public License). Its arguably the most popular Linux didtribution. It is sponsored by the British based company Canonical Ltd.. And they make the ubuntu cd's available to anyone in the world via the website-

You may wonder how the sponsor gets any revenue from this. Well they generate the revenue, by selling Tecnical Support. The best part of Ubuntu and any other open- source OS is that its not developed by one company or body as such... Its being developed by the collective efforts of a very large community of developers. And the source code of these developments are available to anyone, and they can make further improvements in it, the only condition is that they'll again have to make the source code available again to others.(This is the essence of GPL).

Ubuntu means- 'humanity to others' (its derived from a Zulu word). Ubuntu was initially devloped upon the Debian distribution. The aim of Ubuntu is to release a new distribution every six months, so as to be updated with the new technologies.

To know more about Ubuntu releases see the next post...

I'm Back now

I had created this blog just to know what blogspot is, and I had sort of forgot it...
Now I'm beck to be more active with my blogs. And u can check on new news related to the open-source(mostly), in my blog....
Have fun reading, like i'm having adding....

Its my first blog n I'm gonna make it grand...