Thursday, April 9, 2009

About Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a flavour of Linux, i.e. its a Linux distribution. It is being released under the GPL(GNU General Public License). Its arguably the most popular Linux didtribution. It is sponsored by the British based company Canonical Ltd.. And they make the ubuntu cd's available to anyone in the world via the website-

You may wonder how the sponsor gets any revenue from this. Well they generate the revenue, by selling Tecnical Support. The best part of Ubuntu and any other open- source OS is that its not developed by one company or body as such... Its being developed by the collective efforts of a very large community of developers. And the source code of these developments are available to anyone, and they can make further improvements in it, the only condition is that they'll again have to make the source code available again to others.(This is the essence of GPL).

Ubuntu means- 'humanity to others' (its derived from a Zulu word). Ubuntu was initially devloped upon the Debian distribution. The aim of Ubuntu is to release a new distribution every six months, so as to be updated with the new technologies.

To know more about Ubuntu releases see the next post...

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