Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ubuntu 9.04 is awesome

The Ubuntu 9.04 has an amazing startup, owing to the new ext4 filesystem, which has very high response times. The Compiz-Fusion makes Ubuntu simply irresistable. This coupled with a few customizations with the Theme(icon-packages+theme) makes my Ubuntu very beautiful. i'm using the 'Carbon-Gold theme'.

The new Ubuntu has a software called Computer-janitor which I found very handy, as it helps to remove unwanted packages.
Also i'm able to run Windows Xp fully within Linux, using the Sun Microsystems Virtual-Box. Believe me its an amazing virtualization tool.


Jaisankar said...

explain about theme download

sajinsj said...

Ok da.. I'll put a new post explaining about theme download for Ubuntu... But, before that you try reading this post of mine, its about Ubuntu themes...